Mining-oriented cryptocurrency, governed in cooperation of miners, crypto community and experienced developers.
There was no cryptocurrency on the market that follows the interests of its miners or users until SHAFT arrived. The idea of SHAFT is to provide crypto-community with a close to perfect cryptocurrency for GPU Mining without any governance issues, hacking problems or other kind of non-relevant stuff for ordinary miners.
Best mining experience. Pros without Cons.
Mining oriented
SHAFT is a mining cryptocurrency without any upcoming changes of protocol.
Smart contracts
SHAFT's blockchain supports smart-contracts — pay with your hard-earned SHFs for any service.
SHAFT is community-oriented cryptocurrency, since its main purpose to provide the best experience for the mining community. All major decisions are made with community's notions.
Upcoming Awesome Features
To make SHAFT the best mining cryptocurrency and make it more valuable it needs extra awesome features, which SHAFT team is going to deliver in cooperation with the community. Ricardian contracts, AI blockchain support and other awesome things are coming.
Development standards — permanence and longevity
Shaft ensures that its' blockchain is reliable and unchangeable in a long term period. Thus, business entities and private persons could use its' smart-contract infrastructure without any doubts and plan their operations accordingly to their vision of the future and their intents.

Shaft is friendly to mostly all types of the mining GPU hardware.
Miners with all kinds of GPU hardware could mine Shaft in Solo mode. Shaft team would also provide all sources for mining pool creation and create one themselves.
Ensuring Sustainabiluty and Profitability
SHAFT has increased mining difficulty so the SHF price in the market would grow more efficiently.